Yiu Kit Ching Christy

SDTL® Ambassador

Hong Kong Marathon Record Holder

● 2013 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Women’s – Champion of Half Marathon for 3 consecutive years

● 2014 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Women’s – 10 km Marathon Champion

● 2016 Rio Olympic Games Women’s Marathon – Hong Kong Representative

● 2017 North Pole Women’s Marathon 3rd Place

● 2019 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Women’s – Half Marathon Champion

● 2019 Niigata Marathon, Japan Women’s – Half Marathon 3rd Place

● 2019 Gold Coast Marathon, Australia Women’s – 6th Place, Break The 15 Year Hong Kong Marathon Women’s Record

● 2021 Milano Marathon, Italy Women’s – Break The Hong Kong Marathon Women’s Record Again

● 2021 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Women’s – Marathon Champion

Self Introduction

After graduating from university, I worked as a full-time nurse at Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital in Hong Kong. At the time, I also took into consideration running training because I was preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. This was a challenge that it encouraged me to breakthrough and was expected to break my personal best record. Every time I participated in the competition, I was more attentive than before, and my performance improved from one time to the next. From the East Asian Games in 2013, I broke the Hong Kong record in 10:25 in the 3000-meter obstacle event. Until participating Rio 2016 Olympic Games as Hong Kong Representative, the personal and Hong Kong records were constantly refreshed.

When I planned to become a full-time marathon runner, it was well known that training was accounted for most of my time. After each training, I also need a longer period of rest and recovery to cope with the ongoing training and competition every day. I also need to pay extra attention to avoid any injuries.

Personal Sharing

I have been using SDTL® products for 4 years. Using SDTL® Energy Cube® for the first time did not give me much feeling. I was still a full time nurse and had to complete my sports training in the mornings, which made me very tired. It was not until I continued using SDTL® Energy Cube® for 2 weeks, I started to feel less tired after sports training, my physique improved and the flu I had was also relieved. Improvement of my physique allowed me to undergo more intensive trainings, leading to great improvements in results and I could even join the Rio Olympic Games in 2016!

Marathons are outdoor races, which lead to larger pores and dark spots. After using SDTL® Energy Cube®, my skin is tightened and dark spots are reduced.

I also like to use SDTL® Smooth Breathing Mist to improve my condition of nose allergy. My husband, Ka Ho, also noticed that I do not need to breath with my mouth while sleeping at night!

Product Sharing

I have always had allergic rhinitis probably for 16 or 17 years. It always bothers my sleep and my daily work. It can affect my performance. After that, I started using SDTL® Smooth Breathing Mist. When I felt a nasal allergy, I would spray it. About 2-5 minutes later, the nasal allergy would be relieved. The formula of the product itself has a self-healing effect and improved nasal dryness, so as to relieve my nasal allergy and nasal congestion condition.

Fight for Hong Kong to get the participant in the Olympics

SDTL® fully sponsored and supported the “Marathon Mother” Christy Yiui to fight for the Olympics in Hong Kong.

Sharing by Christy Yiu