Yiu Kit Ching Christy

SDTL® Ambassador

Track and Field Anthlete

● 2013 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Women’s Half Marathon – champion of half marathon for 3 consecutive years

● 2014 Standard Chartered Hong Kong women’s – 10 km marathon champion

● 2016 Rio Olympic Games women’s marathon – Hong Kong representative

● 2017 North Pole Women’s Marathon 3rd place

Self Introduction

After graduating from university, I worked as a full-time nurse at Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital in Hong Kong. At the time, I also took into consideration running training because I was preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. This was a challenge that it encouraged me to breakthrough and was expected to break my personal best record. Every time I participated in the competition, I was more attentive than before, and my performance improved from one time to the next. From the East Asian Games in 2013, I broke the Hong Kong record in 10:25 in the 3000-meter obstacle event. Until participating Rio 2016 Olympic Games as Hong Kong Representative, the personal and Hong Kong records were constantly refreshed.

When I planned to become a full-time marathon runner, it was well known that training was accounted for most of my time. After each training, I also need a longer period of rest and recovery to cope with the ongoing training and competition every day. I also need to pay extra attention to avoid any injuries.

Personal Sharing

Since March 2014, I tried SDTL® Energy Cube® and SDTL® Join. In particular, after training, I used the SDTL® Energy Cube to wash my face and bath. It is feeling myself recovering faster than before using it. At the time, I still needed to cope with the heavy nurse workload. Using SDTL® Energy Cube® not only improved my physical strength but also improved my physical fitness and strength to a higher level.

As an athlete, injuries can not be avoided, so I will use SDTL® Join in particular after injury. After my training session, I will apply the appropriate amount of SDTL® Join to the new and old injuries and pain areas. The speed of recovery was surprisingly fast. After applying SDTL® Join, there was no painful feeling. The feeling of muscle soreness was disappeared after exercise.

To take into account both nurses’ work and long-distance running training, the body and mind are indeed very tired. After using SDTL® products, I feel that I have to take care of both and I don’t feel bad about it. I can also improve my personal fitness.

After that, I also started to use with SDTL® Energy Cube® and SDTL® Nitor to enhance the skin care effect. It led to a very good effect of blemish. Everyone knows that I have to run outside for a long time, so freckles have been worried with me. I ccontinued to use for a period of time and got effectively controlled the problem of stains. The prevention of wrinkles is also quite outstanding. The combination of two SDTL® products increased the firmness and hydration of my skin.

SDTL® product is pure natural and high-tech without any pharmaceutical ingredients. Natural product is very important for an athlete. I continue to feel comfortable using SDTL® products to meet the goals of personal and family development in the future.

Product Sharing

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