Founder of SDTL®

SDTL® is not just a brand, it’s about a merge of nature and sciences. Professor Shih is the creator, heart and soul of SDTL®, an exclusive functional health and beauty brand. With more than 30 years of experience in small biomolecules research and development and known as one of the pioneers in such research areas. Apart from Cell Biology, Genetics, Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals, our research team also applies the theories of small biomolecules in cell rejuvenation and improve the cells’ ability to bind with oxygen and endogenously improve body’s SOD activity, hence to promote our health.

Professor with his unique ability to integrate small biomolecule science and technology with botanicals and health & beauty products, he is dedicated to making modern people’s lives easier, healthier and more beautiful.


Brand Concept

SDTL® is the preeminent luxury brand for serious functional health and skincare known for its uniquely high concentration of activated natural small biomolecules. The product lines stand out for the extensive research and technological innovation invested in each groundbreaking formula. It is also distinguished by the exceptional natural small biomolecules R&D of its ingredients, which are endowed with a potent life force capable of nourishing and revitalizing the skin, the body and the spirit.

SDTL® focuses its attention on inflammation and oxidative free radicals damage, which are scientifically recognized as the main cause of aging and health problems. The healing properties of its SDTL® natural small biomolecules-based formulas reduce the aging effects of inflammation and free radicals on the different layers of the skin and our body, often penetrating below the surface with innovative small molecule-technology.

SDTL® employs advanced technologies alongside founder’s 30 years R&D in small biomolecules in medical, health and beauty. Biotechnology, botanicals and innovative direction of uses all contribute to the brand’s proprietary blend of natural elements and scientific rigor. It offers extraordinary results to modern people who demand high-performance, health-enhancing products that are both efficient and effective.

SDTL® has always sought to raise awareness for important Sub-health and natural environmental concerns. It’s an integral part of the brand and a way to give back to the bountiful nature that serves as its muse. SDTL®’s intimate relationship with people has been instrumental in establishing a platform in our website and seminars for sharing these ideas and for providing opportunities for greater involvement in these issues. This sense of balance and reciprocity also helps define the SDTL® aesthetic, which expresses a deep respect for the extraordinary beauty and richness of nature.

None of SDTL® products are tested on animals. All health and beauty products are free of synthetic colours and fragrances, and do not contain any suflate detergents, phthalates, nor petrochemicals.


Unveiling the Secrets of Cells, Reversing the Aging Process

There are numerous polyphenol health products in the market, yet their qualities vary with different efficacies, the secret of which rests in the size of the polyphenol molecules. Either for external application or oral administration, polyphenol products with large size of molecules are generally difficult to be absorbed by the body, and will eventually be lost or discharged from the body. To bring the effect of polyphenol into full play, it is necessary to break polyphenol into extremely small molecules such that the tiny molecules can penetrate the cells and perform their functions.

Leveraging brand new cutting-edge technology, the SDTL® scientific research team has created the world’s first revolutionary pico small molecules technology – “SMALL BIOMOLECULES DECODE TIME & LIFE” (SDTL®). This technology decodes natural biological polyphenol into extremely tiny pico small molecules, which are 1000 times smaller than nano, enabling the small molecules to reach and repair the cells by directly penetrating the skin and cell membrane, rejuvenating the cells and revitalizing the body’s self-healing mechanism, which can resist illnesses, fight against aging and resume body youth from the inside out.

SDTL® Small Biomolecules Technology

Our health is priceless

Our body has thirty-thousand billion cells that works around the clock to maintain our health and immune system. They communicate promptly between all parts of the body, so that it can react immediately to environmental changes and attacks.

These cells constitute our entire body. They are so ubiquitous that we overlook their very presence and their indispensable service of circulating oxygen, nutrients, as well as sending messages throughout our body.

So, how do we look after these cells, so they can carry out their jobs to their fullest?

SDTL® Biotechnology Improve blood oxygen saturation through external use

Each cell has its function in our body, whether it is to help with memory or to carry oxygen and nutrients. Each cell is very important.

The SDTL® R&D team has more than 30 years of research experience in small biomolecules of anti-oxidant botanicals, blending natural elements and scientific rigour. The SDTL® team has discovered that plants contain numerous anti-oxidant small polyphenol molecules which are of nano size, some even go a thousand times smaller. Rich in anti-oxidants, these small molecules have the properties to combat free radicals and increase the oxygen supply ability of cells.

Yet, despite their small size, most of these plant polyphenol molecules are oxidised even before they enter our body.

The SDTL® biotechnology penetrates to rejuvenate cell functions. It allows the small anti-oxidant molecules to penetrate the skin and reach the cells’ core to perform their reparatory functions, strengthening the body’s ‘self-recovery’ ability and improving its immunity. It is efficient, and its results are noticeable and lasting. The circle of life cycle is also the circle governing the inner and outer systems of our body.

SDTL® products are dedicated to ensuring the perfect functioning of these two systems of the human body, maintaining our customers’ body vitality, and safeguarding their inner and outer health.

SDTL® pledges to continue to develop natural and effective cell rejuvenation products. It is our primary goal to help you maintain a healthy body and mind, while promoting a natural and sustainable lifestyle.