About Us

SDTL® is a brand that pursues an equilibrium between bioscience and nature, striving to provide the safest, most efficient and natural products. SDTL®️ is the only innovative and revolutionary “SMALL BIOMOLECULES DECODE TIME & LIFE” biotechnology available in the world. By using brand new and cutting-edge technology, natural biological polyphenols are broken down into very tiny particles that can quickly pass through the cell membranes to reach the core directly to perform the repair function, such that the self-healing function of the body can be recovered and to regain vitality. The effects are quick, long-lasting and impressive.

360〫   represents a full cycle of life, just as the activation of both the internal and external systems of the human body to grow over and over in perfect cycles. SDTL®’s brand mission is to activate the internal and external, and aims to provide highly effective, safe and healthy natural products to clients, so that each client can have a perfect, healthy and flawless body with inner and outer beauty.

SDTL® is committed to using environmental-friendly and cost-effective production technology, and endeavors to develop for clients all-natural, highly-effective body recovery products. Our aim is to protect your health, and at the same time promote natural and sustainable way of healthy living in harmony with the environment.

Our Product and Technology

SDTL® products are made of tens and thousands of different natural organic polyphenols molecules. Polyphenols, for example resveratrol found in red wines, are well known for their strong anti-aging ability, removal of free radicals, and large amount of antioxidants. Polyphenols will react with nutrients such as Vitamins C, E, carotene, lycopene that we take in through our daily food consumption to bring out the best anti-oxidant function. Polyphenols also enhance the removal of harmful and oxidative free radicals and therefore are regarded as “The Natural DHEA (a type of growth hormone)”.

The many types of polyphenols used by SDTL® products can significantly increase SOD mobility and therefore remove free radicals at a faster rate. It is therefore more effective than a single type of polyphenols that our food carries. It also has a very distinctive and efficient anti-aging and cell repairing function.

Besides, SDTL® products contain small biomolecules which formed the amino acids, which not only ensure the normal functioning of cells, they also work together and enhance one and the other to achieve the best result. SDTL® products can also enormously increase the oxygen-carrying ability of red blood cells and oxygen tension (PaO2) and thus, a stronger metabolism and functioning of cells.

All Natural, Zero Medicinal Properties, Zero Rejection

The natural pico small biomolecules of SDTL® are also small molecules that make up amino acids. Originally they are part of the organism, therefore they are compatible with the biometric system of the human body. When there are insufficient body cells or that the cells one damaged, these small molecules will take part in the replenish and repair work with zero rejection, hence promoting body health.

The bioengineering small molecules technology of SDTL® adopts organic plants which comply with the EU standards as raw materials with no medicine and chemicals added. SDTL® is an all natural organic anti-aging beauty and health product with zero pollution.