Frequently asked questions:

Q1. What is SDTL®?

SDTL® stands for Small-biomolecules Decode Time and Life, a biotechnology researched and developed in Hong Kong. SDTL® products aim at using the most natural way to bring to everyone both beauty and health at once.

Q2. Is SDTL® beauty or health product?

Both! SDTL® own researched biotechnology allows us to bring together beauty and health. We believe that beauty comes from within, as in inner health. As long as you are healthy, you will look young and beautiful. In other words, SDTL® brings you beauty through improving your health!

Q3. Am I suitable to use SDTL® products? Can I use SDTL® products if I am skin allergic?

SDTL® products are suitable for everyone, including people with sensitive skin, babies and elderlies. All SDTL® products are natural, vegan (animal-free), and contain no drug ingredients. SDTL® products have also obtained a number of international certifications, including SGS and CE marking to proof that they are heavy metal absence, sterile, and non-formaldehyde etc.

Q4. How can you ensure that everyone is suitable to use SDTL®?

The composition of SDTL® small biomolecules exists within all organisms, and including the human body. Therefore SDTL® are compatible with our biometric system. That’s why and when our cells are insufficient or damaged, SDTL® small biomolecules will only repair and replace but never reject (i.e. no adverse effects).

Q5. What are the visible effects of using SDTL® products?

Beauty effects such as firming, uplifting and whitening can be seen 15 seconds after use. Health effects such as restoration of energy and vitality, improved sleeping quality will also be significant.

Q6. Just external usage of SDTL® product can bring me beauty and health?

Yes. Because SDTL® product uses SDTL® Picotechnology that enables the SDTL® pico-sized small biomolecules to pass through the skin and goes directly into the cells to repair. This means that it is a very deep level of repair that deals with the root problem of your body.

Q7. Why some people have more apparent effects but some don’t?

Everyone has different expectation. The effect of SDTL® products will be more apparent and distinct when your original health condition is very undesirable. If you are young, healthy and beautiful, of course the effect of SDTL® is less apparent. However the contribution towards maintaining your general good health is still very significant.

Q8. Why are the effects of SDTL® products faster and more efficient than other external use products? They all claimed to be absorbed by the skin, so what are the differences?

SDTL® uses picotechnology (10-12pm), which compared to nanotechnology (10-9nm), is 1000 times smaller in scale. SDTL® technology enables the small biomolecules to pass through the cell membranes and reach the cells directly, repairing and rejuvenating any damaged cells. This makes our product the most efficient, most durable, safest, and the most effective.

Q9. What are the ingredients of SDTL® products? Why do they have such amazing effect?

SDTL® products are made of tens and thousands of different natural organic polyphenols molecules. Polyphenols, for example resveratrol found in red wines, are well known for their strong anti-aging ability, removal of free radicals and large amount of antioxidants. Polyphenols will react with nutrients such as Vitamins C, E, carotene, lycopene that we take in through our daily food consumption to bring out the best anti-oxidant function. Polyphenols also enhance the removal of harmful and oxidative free radicals and therefore are regarded as “The Natural DHEA (a type of growth hormone)”.

The many types of polyphenols used by SDTL® can significantly increase SOD mobility and therefore remove free radicals at a faster rate. It is therefore more effective than a single type of polyphenols that our food carries. It also has a very distinctive and efficient anti-aging and cell repairing function.

Besides, SDTL® products contain hundreds of thousands forms of small biomolecules formed by amino acids, which not only ensure the normal functioning of cells, they also work together and enhance one and other to achieve the best result.

SDTL® products can also enormously increase the oxygen carrying ability of red blood cells and oxygen tension (PaO2) and thus, a stronger metabolism and functioning of cells.

Q10. How does it work?

All sickness and diseases are caused by cells mutation.

When our cells lack oxygen or are low in oxygen levels, cell mutation and aging take place. They will then lose their metabolism and function. This includes unable to absorb nutrients, unable to remove harmful substances, or in some extreme cases, organ failure. SDTL® products prevent this from happening by increasing oxygen level in our red blood cells, promote SOD activity and immunity, and enhance the power of decomposition of free radicals and harmful substances; in turn repair and rejuvenate our body cells. Now that our body cells are normal again, they can function properly and hence, the effect of a self-healing mechanism and eventually, health.

Q11. Do SDTL® products have medical certificates/pharmaceutical registration?
Do they fulfil the medical standards set out by The Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong?

SDTL® products are not pharmaceutical products and contain neither Chinese nor Western medicine. Because of this, we are not and will not be conformed by the Drug Regulatory System of Hong Kong. We are however complying with the rules that are set out against skin care and/or personal care.